Thursday, May 25, 2006

inning batter number

As this post pointed out, Craig Biggio has been hit by a pitch most often (87 times) when he's the first Astros batter of an inning, and that he's scored runs 51.7% of the times he has been plunked leading off the inning. It's only logical that his run production off plunks would decline as he hit later in an inning, but how much?
As the second batter of the inning, Biggio has been hit 63 times, scoring after 24 of them, or 38.1% of them. Broken out further, 19 of those plunks have come after the leadoff batter reached base safely, with Biggio scoring in 47.4% of those cases, while if the leadoff man was out, he's been hit 44 times, scoring after 34.1% of them.
As the third batter of the inning, Biggio has been hit 59 times and scored after 32.2% of them. Only 5 of those came with no outs, with only 1 of those resulting in a run. 29 came with 1 out, and he scored 10 runs off those (34.4%). The 25 which came with 2 outs resulted in 8 runs, or a run scored 32% of those plunks.
The latest Biggio has been plunked in an inning with no outs was as the 6th batter, and the only time he has ever been hit on his second trip to the plate in an inning came with 2 outs. He was the 11th batter of that inning, and did not score a run.
The latest he's been plunked in an inning and still scored was as the 8th batter, with 1 out.

Plunks and runs scored by when Craig Biggio batted within the inning in which he was plunked:

0 Outs1 Out2 outsTotal
inning batterHBPsRunsHBPsRunsHBPsRunsHBPsRuns


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