Tuesday, June 06, 2006

don't let the ball hit you on the way out

Alternate title: Records we're glad Craig Biggio will never break.

One of the most popular things baseball fans do to drive themselves nuts is look around the league at all the players who are doing well for other teams that used to be on your own team. Cubs fans have one less such player to worry about now that Rafeal Palmeiro has gone away. Palmeiro led former Cubs active through '05 in hits (2763), homers (559), RBIs (1740), and hit-by-pitches (82) accumulated after leaving the team. Palmeiro's 559 homers after leaving the Cubs ranks 4th all time behind Ruth's post-Boston total (665), and Sammy Sosa's post-White Sox and post-Ranger totals. Joe Carter is next behind Ruth among people without steroids, with 396 homers after leaving the Cubs.
Luis Gonzalez is the next active former Cub behind Palmeiro in all of those categories, and he's still pretty good. Gonzalez is also the the active leader among former Astros in HBPs, having been hit 62 times (through '05) after leaving Houston. Steve Finley has the most post-Astro homers and RBIs among '05 actives, and Kenny Lofton leads former Astros in hits after leaving Houston.

In total, 53 former Astros players active in the 2005 season have been hit 388 times since leaving the organization. That ranks them 9th in the majors. The Mets are #1 in plunks by former players, with 573, led through '05 by Melvin Mora, Jeff Kent and Carl Everett - all tied at 71 plunks since leaving the Mets. Cleveland's former players have hit 1,939 home runs and driven in 7,716 to lead both categories. Jeremy Burnitz is their top player in post Cleveland homers with 276, and Jeff Kent leads the RBI category with 994 since his brief stint with the Indians. Former Padres have gotten 14,079 to lead that category, led by Gary Sheffield's 1798.

Craig Biggio has been hit more than the active former players of 11 different teams.

Total stats through '05 of players since they last played for each team:
Blue Jays634261307571611128
Red Sox7227178932086069
White Sox53268120543708089
Devil Rays6020547521984710

Leaders among former players after leaving each team (through '05).
TeamHBP leaderHR leaderRBI leaderHits leader
Na-xposLarry Walker-111Larry Walker-284Larry Walker-927Marquis Grissom-1504
BrewersGary Sheffield-108Gary Sheffield-428Gary Sheffield-1343Gary Sheffield-2058
AngelsDamion Easley-99Jim Edmonds-210J.T. Snow-615J.T. Snow-1043
PadresGary Sheffield-99Gary Sheffield-385Gary Sheffield-1207Gary Sheffield-1798
Blue JaysJeff Kent-99Jeff Kent-323Jeff Kent-1277Jeff Kent-2024
MarlinsCarl Everett-84Gary Sheffield-263Gary Sheffield-827Gary Sheffield-1260
CubsRafael Palmeiro-82Rafael Palmeiro-544Rafael Palmeiro-1740Rafael Palmeiro-2763
PiratesJose Guillen-74Barry Bonds-532Barry Bonds-1297Moises Alou-1900
MetsCarl Everett, Melvin Mora, Jeff Kent -71Jeff Kent-256Jeff Kent-1010Jeff Kent-1514
IndiansJeff Kent-70Jeromy Burnitz-276Jeff Kent-994Jeff Kent-1487
MarinersAlex Rodriguez-67Tino Martinez-251Tino Martinez-959Omar Vizquel-1770
YankeesJ.T. Snow-63J.T. Snow-189J.T. Snow-871J.T. Snow-1498
A'sJason Giambi-63Jason Giambi-126Ruben Sierra-410Johnny Damon-730
AstrosLuis Gonzalez-62Steve Finley-260Steve Finley-877Kenny Lofton-2127
RangersSammy Sosa-56Sammy Sosa-587Sammy Sosa-1572Sammy Sosa-2284
TigersLuis Gonzalez-54Luis Gonzalez-209Luis Gonzalez-701Luis Gonzalez-1178
Devil RaysJose Guillen-51Vinny Castilla-104Vinny Castilla-416Vinny Castilla-679
RockiesEric Young-50Todd Walker-56Eric Young-290Eric Young-1043
CardinalsAdam Kennedy-50Dmitri Young-142Dmitri Young-540Dmitri Young-1064
D-backsJose Guillen-49Reggie Sanders-97Travis Lee-295Travis Lee-589
White SoxMike Cameron-49Sammy Sosa-559Sammy Sosa-1459Sammy Sosa-2069
OriolesSteve Finley-48Steve Finley-292Steve Finley-1063Steve Finley-2253
DodgersPaul Konerko-46Mike Piazza-220Paul Konerko-676Paul Konerko-1083
TwinsMatt Lawton-46David Ortiz-119David Ortiz-388Todd Walker-789
RedsPaul Konerko-45Paul Konerko-203Paul Konerko-663Dan Wilson-1071
Red SoxMatt Stairs-43Matt Stairs-206Matt Stairs-676Matt Stairs-1008
BravesJermaine Dye-39Jermaine Dye-180Jermaine Dye-660Marquis Grissom-1155
PhilliesJulio Franco-37Julio Franco-170Julio Franco-1149Julio Franco-2513
GiantsRoyce Clayton-28Royce Clayton-89Royce Clayton-487Royce Clayton-1294
RoyalsJermaine Dye-27Jermaine Dye-95Jeff Conine-492Jeff Conine-942

Note: Only players who had a plate appearance in the majors are included above, some some pitchers who never batted are left out, as well as notable players who never played for the majors. For example, Jeff Bagwell was notably traded away by the Red Sox, but never actually played for them in the majors, so he's not included in the stats above. Also, in cases where players had multiple stints with a team, stats are counted since their most recent departure from that team.


At 6/06/2006 06:10:00 PM, Anonymous DM said...

I think the real interesting question here is about guys who have been plunked by a pitcher from a team with whom they formerly played. Is there a revenge factor?

At 6/06/2006 07:28:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

Yeah, the hard questions are always the interesting ones, aren't they? I might be able to look at that at some point if I limit it to over 50 plunks after leaving a team - so I wouldn't have to spend 7 years looking at team split data.
Of course it's tough to have to much revenge factor when the pitchers move around just as much.


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