Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Clemens plunked, nearing record.

Roger Clemens got hit by a pitch for the second time in his career last night, making it two consecutive years now that he's recorded an HBP. If he keeps up this one plunk per season pace, he could tie Hughie Jennings record by the year 2291, but there isn't much chance he'll still be pitching much beyond 2250. Craig Biggio did not get hit in last nights game, and he didn't play in the second game of the one game double header. It took 18 innings for the Astros to lose to the Cubs 8-6.

Despite pitching the 17th and 18th inning and picking up the win last night (or early this morning), Rich Hill is still expected to start this afternoon's game facing the Astros. Craig Biggio is not one of the 2 major league batters who Hill his plunked.
The only 2 pitchers on the Cubs roster who didn't pitch last night are Zambrano and Carlos Marmol, who started the previous two games. Perhaps today's game could be a good time to see a position player pitch given the 297 pitches the Cubs staff threw last night.

Seth Etherton hit Craig Biggio with a pitch on August 16, 2003.



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