Friday, September 29, 2006

9 in a row

The Astros have given up losing. They're just not doing it anymore. They've lost plenty of games this year, and they seem to have gotten together as a team and simply decided that losing is no longer something they do. This is great and all, but if the outcomes of the games are no longer in question, how about do something to make it all a little more interesting - less predictable. Like maybe try to see who can get hit by the most pitches? You know, just something to put some kind of challenge back into baseball, since losing no longer seems to be in question.
Craig Biggio didn't play yesterday, in the Astros 9th straight win (3-0 over Pittsburgh), but he should be back in the lineup tonight against the Braves. Chuck James is on the Braves schedule to pitch tonight. He's hit 5 batters this season, but hasn't faced Craig Biggio yet in his short career. The Braves have plunked Biggio fewer times than any National League team with just 7, but they could catch up to the Diamondbacks if they hit him twice this weekend. That seems pretty unlikely - but then, so does winning 9 in a row and coming back from 8.5 games back in September.

Andy Larkin plunked Biggio on September 29, 1996, and Kerry Wood did so on September 29, 2001, and they both did it in the 5th inning. Could there be a continuation of a 5 year cycle of fifth inning plunks tonight?

The Cardinals are at Milwaukee with Jeff Weaver (7-14) scheduled to match up against Chris Capuano (11-11).

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