Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Craig Biggio has been hit by 281 pitches, but only 17 of them were thrown by pitchers born in US State Capitals. Pitchers born in Oklahoma City lead all other state capitals with Jamey Wright and Jeff Suppan's 5 combined plunks of Biggio. Both were born in the Oklahoma capital.
Montgomery Alabama, Atlanta Georgia, and Honolulu Hawaii have each produced two plunks. Chris Hammond plunked Biggio twice and was born in Atlanta. Honolulu was where Sid Fernandez and Ron Darling were both brought into the world, and each of them threw one of Biggio's first 10 plunks. Brian Meadows and Dave Veres each plunked Biggio after having been born in Montgomery Alabama.
The six other state capitals that have produced a pitcher who plunked Biggio had one HBP each:
Scott Rufcorn from Austin, Texas
Robert Ellis from Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Kenny Greer from Boston, Massachusetts
Bob Tewksbury from Concord, New Hampshire
Chad Bradford from Jackson, Mississippi
and Scott Bankhead from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Craig Biggio also has been hit 6 times by 4 pitchers born in capitals of foreign countries, and once by a pitcher born in a city that was a foreign capital at the time, but is no longer the capital of it's current country. Jeff McCurry was born in Tokyo and plunked Biggio twice. Miguel Batista also hit Biggio with a pitch twice, and was born in Santo Domingo. Jorge Julio from Caracas, and Rolando Arrojo from Havana each plunked Biggio one time, as did Danny Graves, who was born in Saigon South Vietnam in 1973.

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