Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Craig Biggio has been sent to first base after a plunk 281 times, and he has stolen 420 bases in his career. Of those 420 steals, 20 were recorded after reaching base on an HBP. Biggio has been caught stealing 6 times after reaching on plunks making his stolen base success rate after plunks 77.0% - marginally lower than his 77.4% success rate on non-plunk related stolen base attempts.
Biggio has been part of successful double steals 5 different times after reaching on plunks, and has stolen both second and third base after a plunk twice. On August 17, 1997, Biggio stole second and third base after being plunked by Scott Ruffcorn in the 4th inning, and stole third again in the 7th inning after Wayne Gomes plunked him, for 3 steals off plunks in the game. Biggio has only had 4 steals in a game one time, and he didn't get plunked in that game.
Of the 18 times Biggio has stolen at least one base after being plunked, he's scored a run after 10 of them. He scored after 1 of the 2 times he stole 2 bases after being plunked.



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