Friday, September 08, 2006


If Jason Kendall finishes his career within 14 plunks of Craig Biggio's HBP total, he might think back to the 14 times he was behind the plate calling those pitches that ended up hitting Biggio. Jason Kendall and Kirt Manwaring are tied for the record in that category - both were behind the plate for 14 of Biggio's HBPs. Kendall's 14 were all with Pittsburgh but Manwaring had 7 with the Giants and 7 with the Rockies. Mike Matheny is just behind them having been behind the plate for 13 Biggio plunks. Charles Johnson is next with 12, and Todd Hundley rounds out the top 5 with 9 occasions when he was the catcher while Biggio got plunked.

Manwaring behind the plate for 3 of the time Pedro Astacio plunked Biggio, and no pitcher/catcher combination has plunked Biggio more times than that. Chan Ho Park and Mike Piazza also teamed up to plunk Biggio 3 times, and Pedro Astacio threw 3 more plunks at Biggio with Brent Mayne catching.

There have been 211 pitchers who have hit Biggio with a pitch, but only 102 different catchers calling those pitches. While no pitcher has hit Biggio with a pitch for 3 different teams, Mike Matheny, Benito Santiago, Damian Miller, Brent Mayne, Gary Bennett, and Tom Lampkin have all been the catcher for 3 different teams while being the closest witness to a Biggio plunk.


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