Friday, September 22, 2006

Biggio unplunked, Carpenter lanced

Chris Carpenter threw 15 pitches at Craig Biggio, and didn't hit him with any of them last night. That may have been exactly according to his plan for dealing with Biggio, but Carpenter needed a better plan against Lance Berkman who hit two 2-run homers off the Cards starter. Berkman's second homer put the Astros ahead for their 6-5 win.

Jason Marquis pitches for the Cardinals tonight, and he hit Biggio with a pitch on May 29th of this year. Marquis has hit a career high 15 batters this season - he'd never hit more than 10 batters in a season before 2006.

Gabe White plunked Biggio on September 22, 1997.



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