Wednesday, September 20, 2006

plunkless streaks

Last night's game was the 24th consecutive game in which Craig Biggio played but did not get hit by a pitch. The current streak is the 3rd this season longer than 20 games. He went 27 games without a plunk between April 28th and May 29th, and he went 24 games without being hit between May 29th and July 2nd.
The last time Biggio had 3 different 20+ game plunkless streaks in the same season (not including those that spanned 2 seasons) was 1994 when he had a 23, 21 and 35 game plunkless streak.
The average number of plunkless games between games in which Biggio was hit is 8.6, but that includes 60 occasions when there were no games in between games he was hit - 20 games in which he was hit twice, and 40 instances of plunks in back to back games (including 3 different 3 game plunk streaks). Because of those games, the median number of games between plunks is just 4. Over 50% of Biggio's plunks have come within 5 games of the previous plunk, and nearly 60% have been within 6 games. 74% have come 10 games or less after the previous plunk, but he's still had 37 gaps of 20 games or more in between games in which he's had an HBP.



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