Tuesday, September 19, 2006

dodgers (not just Dodgers)

In the opposite dugout from Craig Biggio tonight, in a Reds uniform, is the anti-Biggio. Juan Castro of the Reds has played in 860 career games, and has stepped to the plate 2,275 times, but has never been hit by a pitch. His 2,275 plate appearances puts him 4th on the all time list (behind Mark Lemke, Bill Bergen, and Mickey Witek) and 1st among active players for most plate appearances in a career with 0 HBPs. The next closest unplunked player to Castro is Curt Schilling who has had only 899 career plate appearances. Chone Figgins, Coco Crisp, and Nick Punto would have been on that list between Schilling and Castro, but all three were plunked for the first time this year.
860 career games without being plunked makes Castro 2nd among active players in that category, and 21 all time, but it's mostly pitchers ahead of him no that list. The fewest times Craig Biggio has been plunked in any 860 consecutive games was 31 times (in the first 860 games of his career). Biggio's been hit 105 times in his last 860 games, and he's been hit 227 times since Juan Castro's first major league game.

This season, Rafael Furcal - of the Dodgers - leads the league in plate appearances among players with 0 HBPs with 684 in 148 games. With 12 games left, he needs to average 4.67 plate appearances per game (and not get plunked) to break Sandy Alomar's all time record for dodging. Alomar went unplunked for the 1971 season, with 739 plate appearances, the most in an unplunked season since people started counting.



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