Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 straight wins in Chicago

The Astros picked up another win in Chicago yesterday, 4-2, but the Craig Biggio did not contribute to the offense either by getting hit by pitches or getting hits. He did reach base on an error and score a run though, so I'm sure that website that's all about Craig Biggio reaching base on errors is very excited today (173!).

Biggio and the Astros will try to complete a sweep at Wrigley Field against Cubs starter Rich Hill. Rich Hill has only hit 3 batters ever, and they all played for red teams (Wily Mo Pena, and Royce Clayton of the Reds and David Eckstein of the Cardinals). We'll see if he can break out of the trend and plunk Craig Biggio today. But Biggio will need to break a streak of his own... he's never been plunked on April 11th. (He's never reached base on an error on April 11th either.)



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