Friday, April 20, 2007

the 8th inning - where 5 runs are scored.

The Astros made a 5 run rally in the 8th inning for the 2nd straight night last night, and pulled out an 8-6 win in Cincinnati. Craig Biggio got the night off, but found a convenient time to draw his first walk of the season - pinch hitting to lead off that big 8th inning. But, he didn't get hit by any pitch.

Tonight the Astros move on to Milwaukee where Ben Sheets will be there to meet them, and throw baseballs at them (which is the way pitchers greet people). Sheets "greeted" Biggio with a plunk on August 17th last season and on June 29, 2001. Both plunks were thrown in Milwaukee. Biggio has been hit twice on April 20th, but he got them both in one game in 2001. Rick Ankiel and Andy Benes of the Cardinals shared the plunking that day.

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