Friday, May 11, 2007

Diamondback notes

The Arizona Diamondbacks, in their brief franchise history, have been hit by 490 pitches, which is only 73% more than Craig Biggio has been plunked by himself. But, Biggio had a 10 year head start on the Diamondbacks, so if you want to exclude the 119 times Biggio got plunked before Arizona came into the league, you'll see that the team has been hit by a pitch about 3 times for every time Biggio has been plunked since the beginning of the '98 season.

Luis Gonzalez, a former teammate of Biggio's, took 61 of the franchise's 90 plunks, and that's more than any two other Diamondbacks. Andy Fox and Junior Spivey follow Gonzalez on the Arizona franchise plunk chart with 27 and 25. Chad Tracy is the team's active leader with just 13 career HBPs, but Conor Jackson and Carlos Quentin are right behind him with 12 and 10.

Diamondbacks top 10, in HBPS:
Luis Gonzalez - 61
Andy Fox - 27
Junior Spivey - 25
Craig Counsell - 24
Steve Finley - 22
Jay Bell - 19
Tony Womack - 19
Kelly Stinnett - 18
Greg Colbrunn - 18
Shea Hillenbrand - 14

Craig Biggio has more career HBPs for the Astros than the top 12 get-hitters in Diamondback history.

On the other side of the HBP equation, the Diamondbacks' pitchers have thrown 529 pitches that hit batters for HBPs, including 11 that plunked Biggio. So, they managed to find about 47 other batters to hit for every time they hit Biggio with a pitch. Even after a 2 year trip to New York, Randy Johnson still has hit twice as many batters as any other Diamondback.
Top ten plunkers in Diamondbacks history:

Randy Johnson - 67
Byung-Hyun Kim - 32
Brandon Webb - 33
Miguel Batista - 30
Mike Koplove - 18
Omar Daal - 17
Armando Reynoso - 16
Claudio Vargas - 15
Mike Myers - 13
Juan Cruz - 11

Six of those ten have plunked Biggio, but only four - Webb, Batista, Daal, and Cruz - plunked Biggio for the Diamondbacks. Armando Reynoso did it for the Mets and Rockies, and Byung-Hyun Kim threw historic plunk 268 for the Rockies. Miguel Batista and Brian Anderson share the franchise record for plunking Biggio, with 2 each, but Anderson threw both in the same game, and was the first Diamondback to plunk Biggio.



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