Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Astros win, Reds don't plunk

10 pitches flew near Craig Biggio, but none of them hit him in last night's 5-4 win over the Reds. That 10th pitch, though, resulted in a Craig Biggio single to lead off what would be a 3 run inning for the Astros, giving them the decisive lead. But, none of the Reds 134 pitches in the game hit an Astros batter.

Tonight, the Astros face Reds starter Eric Milton, who hasn't hit a batter since July 28, 2006, and has posted a 1-6 record since then in 14 plunk free starts. We can only assume that the Reds are aware of that and trying to get to the root of the problem. Milton has never plunked Craig Biggio, nor has any other pitcher named Eric or Milton.

Craig Biggio has been hit 3 times on May 8th - in 1997 by Rick Reed, and twice in 2000 by Pedro Astacio, who combined with Orel Hershiser that year to hit Biggio 4 times in 2 days.



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