Wednesday, May 30, 2007

losing, plunkless streaks continue

Craig Biggio hit the ball a few times last night, once safely for hit number 2,973, but he did not get hit by the ball. He scored the Astros only run of the game, but they lost 2-1, extending the losing streak to 9 games.

Tonight, Aaron Harang will get his chance to fulfill his lifelong dream* of plunking Biggio. He's hit 27 other batters in his career to warm up, but he has not yet hit Craig Biggio with a pitch.

Two years ago, Todd Coffey plunked Biggio for the Reds - on May 30, 2005.

*Plunking Biggio is probably not really Aaron Harang's lifelong dream.


At 5/30/2007 02:37:00 PM, Anonymous The silence is killing me said...

Maybe I've missed this, but is there a correlation between plunkless streaks and the Astros' record? Presumably Beezhio is getting on base less during those streaks, which may mean that the Astros' run production is down a tenth of a run or so during those stretches.

At 5/30/2007 07:57:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

Well, the Astros are 15-24 during the current plunkless streak and they were 6-6 before that. Overall the Astros have had a combined record of 538-520 during Biggio's 30+ game plunkless streaks, and 1063-943 the rest of the time. So that's a .509 win percent during the long plunkless streaks compaired to .530 the rest of the time.

At 5/30/2007 10:46:00 PM, Blogger Angry Sam said...

Is it just me, or is Biggio standing further away from the plate these days?

At 5/31/2007 06:47:00 AM, Blogger pbr said...

He might be. It's begun to cross my mind that maybe he's trying not to break the record - out of respect for Hughie Jennings. Sort of like how Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings refused to go over $50,000 out of respect for the record, and understanding that the changes in the rules made it easier for him than for the original record setters. Ken Jennings got to be on the show for more than 5 days so he had more experience with the buzzer than whoever had the original record. Craig Biggio gets to wear a batting helmet, unlike Hughie Jennings.

Then again, I might just be making stuff up.

At 5/31/2007 09:07:00 AM, Anonymous DM said...

I can't think of anybody more qualified to make this stuff up, so go right ahead...

At 6/01/2007 06:18:00 PM, Anonymous the silence is killing me said...

Thanks for that, PBR. Does run production track the same trend as the win-loss record? I would assume so, but haven't your patience for the exercise of finding out.


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