Monday, July 09, 2007

1st pitch/1st matchup plunks

On Saturday, Joe Smith plunked Biggio with the first pitch he ever threw at him, prompting an anonymous commenter to ask how many times that had happened. Joe Smith was the 8th pitcher to plunk Biggio on one pitch in the first time they ever pitched to him. Tim Birtsas did exactly that on Biggio's first career HBP, and that one was in extra innings as well.
Biggio was also plunked on the first pitch the first time he faced Danny Darwin, Mike Trombley, Brian Meadows, Chad Bradford, Chuck James, and tomorrow's AL all-star starter Dan Haren. (Biggio didn't get plunked until his 8th plate appearance against NL starter Jake Peavy).

In all, Biggio has been hit by a pitch 38 times in his first career plate appearance against a pitcher. The 8 pitchers listed above needed only one pitch to join the Biggio plunkers club, but 10 more got him on the 2nd pitch of their first matchup. Biggio got hit on the 3rd pitch of his first plate appearance against 8 pitchers and on the 4th pitch by 5 pitchers. 4 more pitchers needed 5 pitches to plunk Biggio in their first matchup, and 3 more hit him on the 6th pitch.

Of the 38 pitchers who plunked Biggio the first time they ever faced him, 7 hit him again at least once, and three of them plunked Biggio 3 times. Chad Durbin and Jorge Julio were the quickest to plunk him again - both plunked Biggio a second time in their third matchup, though Durbin did it in the same game, and Julio waited 2 years. Shawn Estes and Shawn Chacon both plunked Biggio in Biggio's 1st and 6th plate appearance against them.

In 1996, 1998, 2001, and 2003, Biggio was plunked in his first career plate appearance against 6 different pitchers, and Cincinnati holds the record having had 4 pitchers plunk Biggio on the first try (though only 1 did it on the first pitch). The 8 pitchers who did it on the first pitch have been from 8 different teams. 6 right handers and two lefties have hit him on the first pitch, and 29 righties and 9 left handers have hit him in their first matchup.


At 7/10/2007 01:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Outstanding, PBR.

I'll toss this out there and see if anyone bites: what kind of celebration will we have to commemorate this historic event? I'm willing to travel and think this mandates a party.


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