Tuesday, July 31, 2007

...and the home of the Braves

The Astros are back in action tonight, in Atlanta against the Braves and starting pitcher Chuck James. That's the same Chuck James who plunked Biggio on September 29th last year, at Turner Field. Since then though, James has only hit one batter, so maybe he's been waiting for Biggio to come back. The Braves have only contributed 8 of Biggio's 285 career HBPs, but the last 3 of them have all been at Turner Field. If James plunk Biggio today he'll join Greg Maddux as the only Braves pitchers to plunk Biggio twice.

Speaking of Greg Maddux, he plunked Biggio on July 31, 1993, so Chuck James could also put his name next to Maddux's on the list of pitchers who have hit Craig Biggio with a pitch on this date. Kaz Ishii also plunked Biggio on July 31, 2005.


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