Thursday, July 26, 2007

Astros 2, Dodgers 1

Craig Biggio moved another game closer to retirement last night, but didn't get any closer to the all-time plunk record. He was unplunked in 4 plate appearances, though he did get one more hit. And, the Astros took the game 2-1 in a duel of solo homeruns.

Tonight Biggio has another rare chance to get hit by a pitch thrown by a pitcher who's older than him, for the first time since April 24, 2004 when Steve Reed hit him. The San Diego Padres are in town, with 44 year old David Wells expected to pitch. He hit Craig Biggio with a pitch for the Yankees on June 12, 2003, and if he does it again he will break Orel Hershisers record and become the oldest pitcher ever to plunk Biggio. Wells has hit 83 batters in his career, including 3 this season.

On this date in plunk history, Biggio collected his 13th, 53rd, and 253rd career HBPs. Number 13 was thrown by Jim Bullinger on July 26, 1992. Number 53 was tossed by Armando Reynoso on July 26, 1995, and plunk 253 was contributed by Brandon Webb on July 26, 2004.


At 7/26/2007 12:57:00 PM, Anonymous DM said...

I will be at the game tomorrow night. I'm feeling a plunkable moment...

At 7/27/2007 06:23:00 AM, Anonymous cletus j. "bubba" huckabee jr. said...

dm and all the other rascals in the BUS best get them a commemorative BGO:HBP shirt on or elst there ain’t going to be no more plunks. We got us a serious situation commencing to unfold because Target has announced the cessation of his playing days and therefore there is now a finite number of games for him to gather up them last three plunks. Before he announced his retirement I tended to think of the plunk opportunities as endless, but now we are down to less than half a season remaining and many of them games will see Target ride the pine. Thus, if we are going to assist with the harmonic convergence and get them last three plunks before he hobbles off to the geriatric home then we best get them shirts on and help bend them final three pitches out of their normal trajectory and towards Target’s rib cage.


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