Tuesday, July 24, 2007

less dodging please

Craig Biggio saw 15 pitches from the Dodgers last night, but didn't get hit by any of them, and didn't hit any of them safely. Dodgers' pitcher Chad Billingsley had another effective start moving to 7-0, and didn't allow any runs until the 9th inning as the Astros lost 10-2.

Mark Hendrickson will pitch for the Dodgers tonight, and he's never plunked Craig Biggio either. Hendrickson moved to the Dodgers last year after spending two seasons each with Tampa Bay and Toronto - two teams that have never plunked Biggio. The Dodgers haven't officially plunked Biggio since September 3, 2003, although Jeff Weaver did hit him on August 28, 2005 only to have umpire Doug Eddings refuse to award Biggio first base (claiming Biggio didn't make an effort to avoid the pitch).

Craig Biggio hasn't been plunked on July 24th since 1996 when Willie Blair threw plunk 75 for the Padres. Frank Castillo also plunked Biggio on July 24, 1993.


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