Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day off, then... Pirates

Craig Biggio once again hit a sacrifice fly in his only plate appearance of yesterday's 7-6 loss. If he can keep up this one-sacrifice-fly-per-game pace, he can break the single season record in 17 games, and the all time record in 51 games. Get your tickets now for September 13th if you want to see that record go down!

Okay, maybe he's not going to be breaking the all time sacrifice fly record, and the Astros are off today, so he'll make this his 20th consecutive season of not being plunked on July 19th. But Biggio has only been plunked 6 times in games in which he also hit a sacrifice fly, and he only gets hit by a pitch once per 60 plate appearances in games in which he hits a sac fly. So, he generally doesn't sacrifice both fly balls and his body in the same game, so lets focus on the one where he's 3 away from breaking the all time record.

Tomorrow, the Astros move on to Pittsburgh to play the Pirates.

Over on, they were joined this week by that nut who writes that Plunk Biggio website. I hear that guy can't string two sentences together without mentioning an HBP stat, so that ought to be funny.


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