Friday, July 13, 2007

back from the break - really

The Astros finally get back to work at Wrigley Field in Chicago this afternoon, and they'll be facing Carlos Zambrano. Zambrano plunked Biggio at Wrigley Field on May 31, 2003 and August 12, 2003. There are only two road parks where Biggio has been plunked more than the 12 times he's been hit at Wrigley (beer themed parks Coors and old Busch). Also, Craig Biggio gets hit about once every 35 plate appearances in day games.

On the other hand, today is Friday the 13th, and Craig Biggio has only been hit by pitchers named Jason on Friday the 13th. The Cubs only Jason, unless they make a roster move, is scheduled to start on Sunday. And, the Cubs haven't plunked Biggio since June 1, 2004.

Craig Biggio has also never been plunked on July 13th.


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