Monday, July 16, 2007

last meetings

Tonight's starter for the Washington Nationals is Mike Bacsik, who has never before pitched to Craig Biggio. That means he could become the 39th pitcher to plunk Biggio in their first plate appearnace against each other, or the 9th pitcher to plunk Biggio on the first pitch he ever threw at him.

But, if he plunks Biggio in their final meeting tonight, he could leave the game as one of the 32 pitchers who can say they plunked Biggio with the last pitch they threw him. Obviously this list can change when pitchers face Biggio again, but at the moment, 31 pitchers plunked Biggio in there last meeting.

Andy Benes holds the record for facing Biggio the most times, and plunking him in their final meeting - that was Biggio's 101st plate appearance against Benes. Tim Fortugno, John Hope, Erasmo Ramirez, Willis Roberts, and Joe Smith all plunked Biggio the 1st and only time they faced him, so Mike Bacsik could join that club too if he has a bad start (or plunks Biggio right out of the game, which just doesn't happen, and is not encouraged). If Bacsik really feels ambitious, he could become the third player to plunk Biggio the first and last time they ever met, but also plunked him more than once. Jorge Julio and Chad Durbin are the other members of that club. Biggio has faced them both three times and got hit during his first and third plate appearance against each of them. However, he got both his plunks from Durbin in the same game, while Julio took three games to do it.

Here's the full list of pitchers who plunked Biggio the last time they faced him:

Pitcher - Plate appearances
Rick Ankiel - 12
Andy Benes - 101
Rocky Biddle - 2
Brian Bohanon - 21
Steve Bourgeois - 2
Ryan Bowen - 7
Jeff Brantley - 29
Chris Brock - 8
Jose DeLeon - 34
Chad Durbin - 3
Paul Fletcher - 2
Tim Fortugno - 1
Kenny Greer - 2
Xavier Hernandez - 5
Orel Hershiser - 66
John Hope - 1
Kazuhisa Ishii - 8
Jorge Julio - 3
Barry Manuel - 3
Alan Mills - 4
Trey Moore - 5
Russ Ortiz - 32
Yorkis Perez - 2
Erasmo Ramirez - 1
Willis Roberts - 1
Joe Smith - 1
Stan Spencer - 3
Everett Stull - 4
Anthony Telford - 12
Chin-hui Tsao - 3
Jake Westbrook - 3


At 7/16/2007 04:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have any Biggio HBP's been the last pitch of a pitcher's career?


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