Friday, August 31, 2007

Biggio and Wrigley

If you've read any of the previews for this weekend's Astros series at Wrigley Field (here or here) you may have noticed that Wrigley Field is one of Biggio's favorite road parks in the league. There's a number of reasons he might enjoy playing there, and having been hit by 12 pitches there is probably not high on the list.

He's played more games at Wrigley than any road ball park - 116 so far (he's played more games in Cincinnati but they built a new park). Biggio has also scored more runs (98), and and hit more homeruns (20) at Wrigley than any other park outside Houston.

He also hit his first career homer over the wall in left-center at Wrigley - on August 22, 1988 in the 10th inning off Goose Gossage.

Biggio has won more games at Wrigley than at any other road park as well - his career record there is 63-53 (6-6 when he gets hit by a pitch).

If Biggio gets 3 more hits, he'll have had more at Wrigley than any road park - he currently has 126 there, and 128 at old Busch Stadium. He can also make Wrigley his most doubled-at road park if he hits 2 more - he has 29 there, and 30 at old Busch. And, there's only one road park where Biggio has stolen more bases, but he'd have to swipe 14 this weekend to beat his total at Montreal's Stade Olympique where he stole 31.

If Biggio could get one more HBP at Wrigley, and make it in the 9th inning, it would be the first road park in which he's been hit at least once in 9 different innings. Biggio's been plunked at least once in each inning from 1 to 8 at Wrigley, but never the 9th or later. There isn't another road park where he's been hit in more than 6 different innings.


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