Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Things left to do

Aside from getting those last 3 plunks he needs to get to 288, breaking the all-time record, there are also a few demographic holes Craig Biggio could fill in among the list of pitchers who have hit him with pitches, though there won't be very many opportunities.

Biggio has been hit by a pitch by someone born in nearly every calendar year between 1953 and 1984 - missing only 1954, 1959, and 1961. The oldest pitchers currently in the league are Roger Clemens and Jamie Moyer, and they were both born in '62. There hasn't been a pitcher in the league born before '62 since John Franco retired after the '05 season. Yovani Gallardo missed his chance last night to become the only pitcher born in 1986 ever to plunk Biggio, but Biggio could still get hit by Jose Ascanio of the Braves, who was born in 1985.

Craig Biggio has also been hit by pitchers wearing 53 different uniform numbers, but there are 5 pitchers on the rosters of the teams left on the Astros schedule who wear numbers not on that list. Biggio has already been plunked by pitchers wearing numbers 14 to 19, 21 to 23, 25 to 62, 66, 67, 69, 71, 75 and 99. Carlos Villenueva wears #12 for the Brewers but he won't pitch against the Astros (barring a really long game in which he'd be forced into a relief appears). The Brewers also have Seth McClung though, wearing #73. The Cardinals have a #63 in Andy Cavazos, and the Reds have #81 Eddie Guardado and #64 Tom Shearn.

Also, Biggio has only been plunked by pitchers born in 37 of the 50 US States. For some reason, he's never been plunked by any pitcher born in the 4 states which have postal abbreviations ending in the letter T - Vermont, Connecticut, Utah and Montana or any of the 3 states with abbreviations ending in E - Maine, Nebraska or Delaware. He's also been left unplunked by pitchers born in Oregon, Tennessee and New Mexico, as well as three states who have teams who have plunked him - Minnesota, Arizona and Colorado - the team that's plunked him the most.
There hasn't been a pitcher born in Vermont working in the majors since 1985, so Biggio never had a chance at a plunk from all 50 states, but there have been 35 pitchers from Tennessee, 25 from Colorado, 22 from Oregon, 21 from Arizona, 20 from Minnesota, 15 from Connecticut, 10 from Nebraska, 8 from Utah, 6 from New Mexico, 5 from Delaware, 4 from Maine, and 4 from Montana pitching in the Majors between 1988 and 2006. But he didn't get hit by a pitch thrown by any of them. Meanwhile, he got hit by 50% of the pitchers born in Alaska, North Dakota, and Wyoming who threw in the Majors between '88 and '06, and a third of the pitchers from both Hawaii and Idaho.

There are only two states, among those who haven't produced a Biggio plunker, represented on the rosters of the teams left on the Astros schedule. Derrick Turnbow of the Brewers and David Weathers of the Reds were both born in Tennessee, and Buddy Carlyle of the Braves is from Nebraska. Any of them could become the first pitcher from their state to plunk Biggio.

Also, Manny Acosta of the Braves could be the only pitcher born in Panama to plunk Biggio, and Peter Moylan could be the first Australian to do so. A plunk from Moylan would not only add Australia to the list of countries which have produced a plunked of Biggio, but it would mean that Biggio would have been plunked by pitchers from 5 different continents, and all 4 of earths hemispheres. Currently, Biggio has not been plunked by a pitcher born on the southern half of the planet. Venezuela, South Vietnam and Aruba are the southern most places of birth for those who have plunked Biggio.


At 9/18/2007 03:52:00 PM, Blogger The GM said...

What are they going to do when he leaves? I was on www.generalmanagercorner.com and they were saying bring in Mike Lowell I think that is a good idea I know not the same position but they need bigger free agents to come to Houston.

At 9/18/2007 10:27:00 PM, Anonymous cletus j. "bubba"Huckabee said...

Lord have mercy but we need just three plunks. I ain't slept in a week, I cain't eat, Mama ain't speaking to me and Bernice (you know who she is by now) is a'fix'in' to drive me round the bend. Somebody throw the dang ball at his head!!


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