Friday, April 29, 2005

The most plunked day of the year

Craig Biggio has been hit more times on April 29th than on any day of the year. In 1996 Joey Hamilton hit him in San Diego, in 1997 Roger Bailey of the Rockies got him in a home game. In 2000 against Milwaukee at County Stadium, Biggio was hit first by Everett Stull and later by Curtis Leskanic. In 2001 against the Marlins, Matt Clement topped them all by hitting Biggio twice in the same game.
Today it's Greg Maddux on the mound. He has only hit 119 of the 17084 batters he's faced...
but 2 of those 119 were Craig Biggio.

Greg Maddux also holds the record for most wins in a season in which a pitcher hit Craig Biggio, with his 20 wins in 1993. No other pitcher has hit Biggio and won 20 games in the same season.


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