Wednesday, May 11, 2005

follow up?

Don Baylor recorded his 260th HBP on July 3, 1988 just 7 days after Craig Biggio debutted in the majors.

Biggio will step back into the batters box today against Dontrelle Willis. Willis hit Biggio on May 18th last year. Biggio has nearly as many HBPs as Willis has months alive.

May 11th, in Biggio plunking history, is some sort of Pennsylvania vengeance day. Biggio has been hit 4 times on May 11th, 3 by the Pirates and once by the Phillies. He has been hit in 3 of the 4 Pennsylvania ball parks he's played at, in 1995 by Jeff McCurry at Three Rivers, in 2002 by Josh Fogg at PNC Park, and in 2003 by Vicente Padilla at the Vet. The Pirates also came to the Astrodome in 1999 where Todd Ritchie plunked Biggio.


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