Tuesday, August 02, 2005

no plunks, but more wins

Craig Biggio dodged 7 pitches and batted 5, one for an RBI single last night, but he did not find the 270th pitch with his name on it. The Astros now have a 2 game lead in the National League Wildcard race.
Tonight's starter for the D-backs is Javier Vazquez, plunker of 46 batters not named Craig Biggio in 246 career appearances. Vazquez has faced 274 Astros batters over his career, and only hit two - Morgan Ensberg on May 17 this year and Chris Truby on May 4, 2001.
Shawn Estes is the only pitcher who has hit Craig Biggio with a pitch, having done so in 1996. The Diamondbacks have hit 2 batters in frachise history on August 3rd.


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