Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Tonight's home plate umpire, Terry Craft, is one of only 13 of the 68 current Major League umpires who has never sent Craig Biggio to first base on a hit-by-pitch. Of the 4 man crew umpiring this series (crew E), only Alfonso Marquez has called a Biggio plunk - he has called 2. Crew E is last among all the umpiring crews with only 2 plunks called between them. Crews F and K have each called the most plunks with 18 each, followed closely by crews D and Q with 17 each. Crew Q is led by Charlie Reliford who has called 11 of Biggio's HBPs, the most of any umpire.
85 different umpires have called Biggio's 269 plunks:
Charlie Reliford (11), Brian Gorman (9), Bill Hohn (8), Charlie Williams (8), Dana DeMuth (8), Ed Rapuano (8), Jerry Layne (8), Steve Rippley (8), Bob Davidson (7), Bruce Froemming (7), Jim Quick (7), Mike Winters (7), Wally Bell (7), Gerry Davis (6), Jerry Crawford (6), Larry Vanover (6), Bruce Dreckman (5), John Hirschbeck (5), Paul Runge (5), Angel Hernandez (4), Ed Montague (4), Eric Gregg (4), Gary Darling (4), Jim Joyce (4), CB Bucknor (3), Doug Eddings (3), Greg Bonin (3), Hunter Wendelstedt (3), Jeff Kellogg (3), Jim Wolf (3), Joe West (3), Larry Poncino (3), Laz Diaz (3), Mark Barron (3), Mark Hirschbeck (3), Paul Nauert (3), Paul Schrieber (3), Randy Marsh (3), Sam Holbrook (3), Terry Tata (3), Al Clark (2), Alfonso Marquez (2), Andy Fletcher (2), Bob Engel (2), Brian O'Nora (2), Chris Guccione (2), Chuck Meriwether (2), Frank Pulli (2), Gary Cederstrom (2), Greg Gibson (2), Harry Wendelstedt (2), Jeff Nelson (2), John McSherry (2), Kerwin Danley (2), Larry Young (2), Mike DiMuro (2), Mike Fichter (2), Tim Tschida (2), Tom Hallion (2), Tony Randazzo (2), Bill Miller (1), Brian Knight (1), ale Scott (1), Dan Iassogna (1), Dan Morrison (1), Derryl Cousins (1), Dutch Rennert (1), Eric Cooper (1), Jerry Meals (1), Jim McKean (1), Jim Reynolds (1), Joe Brinkman (1), Lance Barksdale (1), Mark Carlson (1), Mark Johnson (1), Mark Wegner (1), Mike Holoka (1), Paul Emmel (1), Phil Cuzzi (1), Ron Barnes (1), Ron Kulpa (1), Scott Graham (1), Scott Higgins (1), Tim Timmons (1), Tim Welke (1)


At 8/03/2005 03:01:00 PM, Anonymous Wesley said...

Just when I think PBR is out of amazing ideas, he proves me wrong. Keep up the amazing work.

At 8/03/2005 03:57:00 PM, Anonymous dm said...

Here's one more. We know that Biggio has never been plunked on his birthday (seeing as he was born in December), but has he ever been plunked by a pitcher who was celebrating a birthday on that day? And what has been the average age of the plunkers? As a more general question, do younger pitchers hit batters more often than older ones? I would guess so, since wildness is a typical sign of young arms (see: Ryan, Nolan), but do the stats bear it out?

At 8/05/2005 08:44:00 AM, Blogger pbr said...

Good call DM, I keep forgetting what I've actually written about already and which things I just think I wrote because I already wrote the queries for them. I've mentioned the oldest and youngest Biggio plunkers before (Orel Hershiser, and Kerry Wood) but not expanded any more on average plunker ages. I'll put something together on that soon.
No pitcher has ever celebrated his birthday by hitting Biggio with a pitch - the closest any have come is 3 days before or after their birthday.


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