Saturday, April 29, 2006

276, 2 more days of Reds, and the most plunked day of the year

Last night Craig Biggio recorded his 276th career HBP on the first pitch of his third inning at-bat against Brandon Claussen. Claussen became the 21st Reds pitcher to hit Biggio with a pitch, and the first pitcher born in the state of South Dakota ever to do so. Also, home plate umpire Brian Gorman was behind the plate for his 10th plunking of Craig Biggio, moving him with 1 of Charlie Reliford for the honor of being the umpire who has sent Craig Biggio to first base the most times on HBPs.

Today and tomorrow, the Astros will face two more Reds pitchers who have never plunked Biggio, hoping for a better outcome than last night's 5-4 loss. Aaron Harang brings his 17 career plunks to the mound today, while Sunday's starter will be Elizardo Ramirez.

If past history has any real bearing on whether Craig Biggio gets hit by a pitch then today, Saturday, April 29th, should be the perfect day for a plunk. April 29th is Biggio's most plunked day of the year, and Saturday is the most plunked day of the week. Joey Hamilton (1996), Roger Bailey (1997), Everett Stull (2000), Curt Leskanic (2000), and Matt Clement (2001) have all plunked Biggio on April 29th. Clement did it twice. There is no other calendar date on which Biggio has recorded 6 HBPs.

Juan Acevado (1995)
and Dave Veres (1997) have hit Biggio with a pitch on April 30th.

Saturdays are the day of the week on which Craig Biggio has been hit most often overall, and most often on the road. In home games he has been hit most often on Sundays and Tuesdays.
DayHome HBPsRoad HBPsTotal


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