Friday, June 23, 2006

Liriano still 150 hit batters behind Clemens

With Roger Clemens so-called comeback (isn't he just showing up late to training camp?), all the attention in last night's game was focused on the pitchers - and with the national cameras on him, young Francisco Liriano may not have been as willing to go inside and throw Craig Biggio something he could get hit by. Liriano picked up the win and Biggio went 0-3 with a walk, while the Twins won 4-2.
The Astros move on tonight to face their World Series rivals on the north coast, the Chicago White Sox. Jose Contreras will be waiting to greet them there, possibly looking to plunk someone twice the way he hit Jeff Bagwell twice in game one of the World Series. Contreras has never plunked Biggio, but Biggio has been hit twice at New Comiskey Park (as Cletus would have us call it).

Francisco Cordova of the Pirates plunked Biggio on June 23, 1997.



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