Thursday, June 08, 2006

win/loss records

Today's starter for the Braves, John Thomson, is has a record of 2 wins and 5 losses coming into tonight's game. 2-5 pitchers have plunked Biggio twice in his career - Jose Batista on July 20, 1995 (plunk $50) and Trey Moore on May 20, 1998 (plunk #125). The Astros won both of those games, but neither pitcher who plunked Biggio got the loss.
Craig Biggio has been plunked most often by pitchers who have not received a decision on the year. 0-0 pitchers have hit him 31 times, far exceeding the 13 plunks by 1-1 pitchers. The Astros are 20-11 when a pitcher with no record hits Craig Biggio with a pitch.
Biggio has been plunked 34 times by pitchers with .500 records (not including the 0-0 records), 94 times by pitchers with a record below .500, and 118 times by a pitchers whose record is over .500 before the game.
He's been hit 45 times by pitchers 1 game over .500, and 31 times by pitchers 1 game below .500.
Chris Carpenter set the record last season for most games over .500 for a pitcher going into a game in which he plunked Biggio. He was 19-4, 15 games over .500 on September 3, 2005. Brandon Webb is the record holder for most games under .500 going into a Biggio plunking game, with a 3-11 record, 8 games below .500, before plunking Biggio on July 26, 2004. (Oddly enough, Webb got the win in that game)

Dontrelle Willis edged Carpenter last season for the most total wins going into a Biggio plunking performance, with 20 before getting his 21st while plunking Biggio on September 12, 2005. James Baldwin, Jimmy Anderson and Dustin Hermanson have all hit Biggio with a pitch when entering a game with 13 losses on the season.

Craig Biggio's HBPs by pitcher's games over .500:
Games over .500Plunks

Note: These win-loss records are for the season, not career win-loss records.


At 6/09/2006 12:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff. What is the correlation between starting and reliever's plunks on Biggio? The data may indicate that it's the more inexperienced pitchers who are struggling with control who bean our fair hero.

At 6/09/2006 02:39:00 PM, Blogger pbr said...

Starters have thrown 200 of the 277 plunks. But 15 of the 31 thrown by pitchers with a 0-0 record were thrown by relievers. Of the 16 thrown by starters with no record, 8 were in April.

Also, those pitchers win/loss records were for the season they plunked Biggio, not there all time win/loss records, so while it is true that inexperience pitchers hit him more, this wouldn't be the way to show it.

A better illustration of inexperienced pitchers being the most common plunkers is this post from last year where I looked at plunks by pitching experience in terms of seasons in the league, and the clear majority of plunks have come from pitchers in there first 4 seasons, with the most by 2nd and 3rd year pitchers.


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