Wednesday, July 19, 2006

days like these

Craig Biggio has never been hit by a pitch on July 19th, but he has been hit 6 times on the 19th day of a month. There are only 4 days of months Biggio has been hit less.. He's been hit 5 times on the 3rd and 31st day of months, and 4 times on the 14th and 16th.
The Cubs have never plunked Biggio on the 19th day of any month. They tend to plunk Biggio later in months with 10 of their 19 plunkings of Biggio occurring after the 19th, and only 9 before the 19th. Three times, the Cubs have plunked Biggio on the 24th (once in July, once in August and once in September), leading all teams in plunking Biggio on that day of the month. Only the Marlins and Mets have plunked Biggio more times on a particular day of the month - the Marlins hit him 5 times on 4 different 12ths (9/12/05, 5/12/98, 8/12/97, and 4/12/94), and the Mets hit him 4 times on 4 different 4ths of months (5/4/02, 5/4/99, 6/4/93, and 7/4/89).

As usual, I'm sure there's some unknown significance to this.

In even less related news, you may have seen it mentioned that Craig Biggio is currently tied for 34th on the all time hits list with Zach Wheat, at 2,884. This may have led you to wonder if Zack Wheat might have had a brother named Buck. Well, if he did, Buck didn't play baseball. Zack Wheat did have a brother who played in the major leagues, but his name was Mack, not Buck. Next up on the hits list are Al Simmons at 2,927, and Rogers Hornsby and Jake Beckley at 2,930. Left unexplained is why MLB considers Biggio to be tied for 34th on the all time hits list, but they never mention him being 2nd on the all time HBP list - Hughie Jennings' HBPs seem to get ignored while several of his contemporaries - including Jake Beckley - ARE included on the all time hits list. Maybe it's because a "modern era" player holds the #1 spot on the all time hits list, and when Biggio reaches 288 they will scrap the "modern" HBP list and just go with an all time list for HBPs that will give credit to the like of Jennings, Tommy Tucker, and Dan McGann. Jake Beckley, by the way, is 10th on the all time plunk list with 183, and Zack Wheat is the all time leader in both hits and HBPs among players whose first name starts with Z.



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