Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last 2 in Florida

Roger Clemens worked his magic on the mound once again last night, rendering the bats of his own team useless. Somehow. Perhaps he's just a little too inspirational to these young rookie pitchers he always seems matched up against? The Astros broke the shutout in the 9th inning, but still lost 3-1. Chris Burke got hit by a pitch for the third consecutive game, but no pitches struck Craig Biggio.
Today the Marlins will be sending Josh Johnson to the mound to throw at the Astros. Johnson has hit 3 batters in his short career with 1,655 career pitches thrown. Biggio has been hit 3 different times on July 15th in his career. On July 15, 1995 Kenny Greer hit him for the Giants, Jake Westbrook plunked Biggio on July 15, 2001, and Ron Villone threw plunk 211 on July 15, 2002.
Tomorrow, Sunday July 16th, the Astros will finish off the season series against the Marlins facing Scott Olsen. Olsen has hit 5 batters this season, but he has never faced Craig Biggio.
Biggio has never been plunked on July 16th.