Thursday, July 13, 2006

post-break numbers

The last time Craig Biggio had more HBPs after the All Star break than he had before the break was 1997 when he racked up 20 2nd half plunks on his way to a career high of 34. Since that season, he has averaged a 54.9% decline in plunks after each season's All Star break, not including the 2000 season when he missed the end of the year with an injury. However, in seasons when he has had less than 8 plunks before the break, he has always matched or exceeded that total in the second half. That data might be somewhat dated though, since it he hasn't had this few plunks before the break since 1994.

While Saturdays are the most plunked day of the week overall for Craig Biggio, his plunks that have come after the All Star break have been tied with 19 each on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday. Monday and Friday have had 15 post-break plunks, 14 have been on Wednesday and 8 on Thursday. 45% of Biggio plunks thrown by left handed pitchers have come after the All Star Break, while only 38% of his right handed plunks have come in the 2nd half. Pitchers who plunked Biggio before the All Star break are an average of 0.25 inches taller than post-break plunkers, and the average altitude at which the plunks occurred is 186.9 feet lower after the break.

Willie Blair, Jaime Navarro, Kevin Ritz, Andy Benes and Carlos Zambrano have all plunked Biggio both before and after the All Star break in the same season. Blair, Navarro and Ritz all did so in 1996.


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