Wednesday, August 16, 2006

1st in class

On June 22, 1989 Craig Biggio got hit by a major league pitch for the first time, but he also became the first player taken in the 1987 amateur draft to record a plunk. He beat 4 other '87 draft picks who were also hit for the first time in 1989 - Bill Spiers, Steve Finley, Ken Griffey Jr. and Albert Belle. When Biggio got hit, he ended a long since someone had been the first player plunked from their draft, because the 1986 drafts first plunk came just 3 months after the draft. Bo Jackson was drafted on June 2, 1986 and was hit by his first pitch on September 14, 1986. The only other player since 1980 to be drafted and plunked in the same year is Rickie Weeks who was drafted in June 2003 and plunked on September 20th that year.
Here is the list of the first player hit by a pitch from every draft since 1980:

Draft yearPlayerDate of 1st HBP
1980Terry Francona09/23/1981
1981Charles Hudson07/20/1983
1982Spike Owen09/16/1983
1983Jeff Kunkel07/29/1984
1984Oddibe McDowell*05/19/1985
1985Pete Incaviglia04/30/1986
1986Bo Jackson09/14/1986
1987Craig Biggio04/22/1989
1988Robin Ventura09/15/1989
1989John Olerud07/06/1990
1990Bret Boone08/23/1992
1991Brent Gates05/13/1993
1992Chris Gomez08/11/1993
1993Mark Loretta09/14/1995
1994Jacob Cruz07/22/1996
1995Darin Erstad05/28/1997
1996A.J. Hinch04/02/1998
1997Troy Glaus04/15/1999
1998J.D. Drew05/03/1999
1999Albert Pujols04/20/2001
2000Bobby Hill05/30/2002
2001Mark Teixeira04/20/2003
2002Khalil Greene09/07/2003
2003Rickie Weeks09/20/2003
*Oddibe McDowell was plunked in his first game


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Can you believe "astroturf.blogspot" and "astrosturf.blogspot" have nothing whatsoever to do with the Houston Astros?

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