Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Giant anniversary

The Astros get back to work in Houston tonight, and Craig Biggio will hopefully be resuming his march toward the all time HBP record with another plunk. The San Francisco Giants are visiting on the 8th anniversary of the date when they last plunked Biggio. He hasn't been plunked by a Giants pitcher since May 15, 1999 when Mark Gardner became the first pitcher to hit Biggio 5 times (not all in the same game). At the time, he held the record for plunking Biggio, but was eventually passed in that category by Pedro Astacio.

Matt Morris will be pitching for the Giants today, but he'll have to plunk Biggio 4 more times to reach 5 plunks like Gardner did. Morris plunked Biggio on September 19, 2003, but only once. Morris led the Giants with 14 plunks last season, but he's only hit 1 batter so far this year. But, he might be saving those plunks up for a special occasion like the 8th anniversary of the last time the Giants plunked Biggio. You never know.

Biggio has also been hit on May 15, 2000 and May 15, 2001 by Danny Graves of the Reds and Manny Aybar of the Cubs.



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