Monday, May 14, 2007

Out of reach?

The all time record? No. Despite what the linear projection on the side bar shows on this site, there is still every reason to believe Craig Biggio will break the all time HBP record this season. All the linear projection says is that he won't make it at a pace of 1 plunk every 37 games. There's no real reason to believe that the next 37 games will only yield one HBP, or the 37 games after that will only see Biggio plunked once. But, there's another 125 games to be played this season, and Biggio hasn't gone 125 Astros games without getting hit at least 5 times since the '91/'92 seasons - getting from plunk 10 to 15 took him 134 games. He's been hit 5 times in 10 games or less 28 times. So 288 plunks is no stretch this year.

What may be out of reach, though it's not out of the question, is the all time record for any TWO players in a franchise's history. There is only one currently active MLB franchise and one defunct 19th century franchis whose top 2 players combined for more HBPs than Biggio has collected alone. Jason Kendall was hit 177 times while he played for the Pirates, breaking Honus Wagner's team record of 107 career plunks, so the two of them have 284 HBPs for their Pittsburgh careers. That ranks 2nd among active franchise for two player plunks totals, behind the combination of Craig Biggio and - anyone else whose been plunked more than twice for the Astros. Biggio has combined with YOU for only 1 less HBP than that (although I'm assuming you didn't play for the Astros). The Astros top pair in most every category, Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, have a combined total of 411 plunks for their team, but Biggio is 2 plunks away from being ahead of any two players for any other active franchise. He should be able to get by that mark this season.

The longer shot is the all time two-person record for a franchise. Hughie Jennings had 205 of his 287 career plunks for the National League Baltimore Orioles, which folded in 1899. The old time Orioles 2nd place plunk victim was John McGraw who was hit 88 times, so their combined total is 293. That's only 10 plunks away, but Biggio only got hit 9 times last season. Biggio could be the best 2 players at getting hit by a pitch for a single franchise by the end of the season, but it will take run of get-hitting like he hasn't shown since 2005.

Here's the list of the top franchise duos in HBPs.
FranchiseHBPsTop 2
Astros411Craig Biggio - 283
Jeff Bagwell -128
Orioles (1882-1899)293Hughie Jennings - 205
John McGraw - 88
Pirates284Jason Kendall - 177
Honus Wagner - 107
Astros283Craig Biggio - 283
Matt Albers - 0
White Sox270Minnie Minoso - 145
Nellie Fox - 125
Orioles (current)234Brady Anderson - 148
Melvin Mora - 86
Yankees233Derek Jeter - 119
Frankie Crosetti 114
Braves228Tommy Tucker 150
Andruw Jones 78
Giants216Art Fletcher 132
Barry Bonds 84
Reds212Frank Robinson 118
John Reilly 94
Cubs207Frank Chance 137
Ernie Banks 70
Tigers201Bill Freehan 114
Chet Lemon/Damion Easley 87

The teams on that list, excluding the Cubs, are also the only franchises that can come up with 3 players whose combined plunk total is higher than Biggio's.


At 5/15/2007 10:06:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matt Albers! That was awesome. You could have put Junction Jack, but I guess he wasn't technically on the roster!



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