Saturday, July 14, 2007

looking for 286 at Wrigley

Craig Biggio didn't get hit by a pitch yesterday, and the Astros offense looked like it might still be on the all-star break, losing 6-0. But the Cubs will have many more chances to plunk Biggio today or tomorrow.

Today Ted Lilly throws at the Astros, looking to become the 214th pitcher to plunk Biggio. Lilly has hit 34 batters 37 times in all, but he's never plunked Craig Biggio. Biggio has never been plunked on the 14th of July, but Ted Lilly has hit one batter on this date.

Tomorrow, the Cubs will start Jason Marquis, who plunked Biggio on May 29th last season. Marquis has plunked the Astros 5 times, which ties them with Florida for the lead in most times hit by a Jason Marquis pitch. Biggio has been hit three times on July 15th - in 1995 by Kenny Greer, in 2001 by Jake Westbrook, and in 2002 by Ron Villone.


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