Wednesday, August 01, 2007

662, but no 286

Craig Biggio had a two run double in the 5th inning last night - and that brought the Astros within 1 run after they fell behind early, but the Braves bats took the game over from there winning 12-4. That was career double number 662, but Biggio didn't get hit by any pitches.

Tonight, the Astros will face Braves' starter Buddy Carlyle. Carlyle has never plunked Biggio, nor has any other pitcher named Buddy. Buddy Carlyle has also never faced Biggio, and he might not tonight as the plan continues to be to let other people start at 2nd base in the second and third games of road series. So, Biggio will probably be limited to pinch-hitting duty tonight, and if we're lucky, pinch-get-hitting duty.

13 years and 250 plunks ago, Steve Reed threw plunk number 35 on August 1, 1994. That was the first of 33 times Biggio has been hit by the Colorado Rockies.


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