Friday, August 03, 2007

road innings

The last time Craig Biggio got hit by a Dontrelle Willis pitch while visiting Florida, it was the 2nd inning on May 18, 2004. The 2nd is the only inning during which Craig Biggio has been hit by pitches significantly more often in road games than in home games. Biggio has been plunked 10 times on the road during the 2nd inning and only 6 times at home, and it's the only inning in which his road plunks exceed his home plunks by more than 1.

Here's Biggio's home/road splits for HBPs by inning:
InningHome plunksRoad plunks

As you can see, he's been hit more in even numbered innings on the road than at home 51 to 45, but in odd numbered innings he's been hit more at home by a 103 to 86 margin.

The Marlins, however, have only plunked Biggio once in an even numbered inning while he was visiting Florida - that Dontrelle Willis plunk in the 2nd inning on May 18, 2004. But they've hit Biggio 5 times in even numbered innings in games played in Houston. The only team that's plunked Biggio more time in even numbered innings at Houston is the Mets - they've hit Biggio 6 times in even numbered innings, but none of those 6 were recorded at Shea Stadium.

In all, Craig Biggio has been plunked 6 times in the frequently renamed home park of the Florida Marlins, and it's the only road park that's had three different names when he's gotten hit there. Biggio was hit in the 5th inning at Joe Robbie Stadium, the 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 7th at Pro Player Stadium, and in the 1st inning at Dolphins Stadium. Which, of course, are all the same place.


At 8/04/2007 03:29:00 AM, Anonymous cletus j. "bubba" huckabee jr. said...

Now if you ask me, and plenty folk do now and again, I have commenced with a serious consternation in regards to the situation with the accumulation of plunks tapering off to this unacceptably low progression. This just ain’t going to do – we need another passel of batting opportunities within the next few weeks in order to provide enough chance for them balls to careen in and whack Target past Hughie Jennings. This is just intolerable and something needs to happen fast or elst we will all slink away with our collective tail tucked betwixt our legs in collective defeat after such an exciting build up. This just won’t do. I simply can’t conceive of this season ending, and thus Target’s illustrious career ending, and him being short of the record. I don’t won’t second best, I don’t want a tie, what I got my cholesterol-clogged heart set on is Target snatching the record for himself and denying the asterisks-monkeys the pleasure of doing to Target what they done did to Roger Maris. Ain’t no need for no asterisks. Heck, even though the evil Baseball Overlord what sat in the Commissioner’s Office wanted nothing more than to discredit Roger Maris, he ended up with a 33¢ stamp what was good for use within the United States and all her territories. What we need is a Craig “Target” Biggio postage stamp with him all flinched up in pain at the very moment number 288 veers in and whacks him a good one. Now I understand that the US Postal authorities do not normally issue stamps bearing the likeness of anyone until after they are dead, so we might need to wait a while to see this here stamp idea come to fruition (or if there is some sort of untimely death then we might not need to wait quite so long but I certainly ain’t promotin’ the idea of putting a hit out on Target just to make sure his stamp gets here early). What we need is three more plunkings in the next few weeks so we can bring this here thing to a close with dignity and honor (and without the need to kill him as well… I just want to get that straight…. We ain’t talkin’ bout no killin’s). I guess what I’m sayin’s I’m a feard that we ain’t going to bring this to an end in the way we would all prefer. I have me a gut feeling that the tapering off will continue and the coveted record might end up being just out of reach. I have started to have many a restless night as I fret about this. Things look mighty questionable.

At 8/04/2007 05:19:00 PM, Blogger Kelly and Sean said...

Why is this the most over-lloked record of modern media... it's all you ever heard about in the Don Baylor era. And all of his plunks were a result of gravitational orbit


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