Tuesday, August 07, 2007

season series

Tonight's game between the Astros and Cubs is their 8th meeting this year, and the two team will play a total of 15 games this season. Craig Biggio has been hit by a pitch 13 times in games which were the 8th meeting of the season between the Astros and their opponent, but none of them were during the 8th game of a 15 game season series. He's also never had a multi-plunk game in the Astros 8th game of the year against an opponent. 15 games season series have been fairly rare for the Astros - Biggio has only been plunked 3 times during a season series of that length - and they've only had 4 series of that length before this season. But, his 3 plunks in 15 game season series were in the 2nd game against the Brewers in '05, the 4th game against the Reds in '06, and the 6th game against Milwaukee in '06. So since the 3 previous ones were in the 2nd, 4th and 6th game, the 8th game of a 15 game series comes next, right? That would be tonight.

The shortest season series Biggio has ever been plunked in was a 2 game set from the 1998 interleague schedule against the Twins, and he's been hit 6 different times against teams the Astros played 19 games against. He's been hit the most often against teams the Astros had a 6 game season series against, with a total of 49, and he's been hit 47 more times against teams against whom the Astros played 12 games.

Also, Biggio has been plunked most often in the Astros 3rd game of the season against an opponent, with a total of 44. He's been hit 28 times in the Astros first game of the season against the other team, and 26 times in the teams' final matchup of the season. The latest into a season series he's been plunked was game 17 (against the Cubs on August 20, 2002 - but they played 19 that season). In all, Biggio has been hit 90 times in the 8th game or later in a season series, but teams generally plunked Biggio more often in the first half of their games against the Astros. Biggio has been hit 147 times before the half-way point of each season series, and 138 times after the teams had played half their games for the season.

He's been hit 19 times in the 3rd game of a 6 game season series, and the 2nd game of a 6 game series is his second favorite with 9 plunks. Unfortunately for this season, the Astros have already played 3 games against everyone they're going to play.

5 of Biggio's 20 games in which he was plunked twice occured in the Astros 3rd game of the season against that opponent, and Biggio has had another three 2-plunk games in the 10th game of a season series. A few more of those would be nice.


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