Tuesday, September 04, 2007

more chances to find HBPs in Milwaukee

The Astros beat the Brewers 9-7 yesterday, and Craig Biggio hit his 80th career sacrifice fly, but he didn't get hit by a pitch, which means we're down to just 24 game for him to get hit by three more pitches and break the all time record - or perhaps conclusively prove that it's impossible to get hit by 288 pitches in the current century.

Tonight, the Brewers 23 year old right-hander Carlos Villanueva will get a shot at throwing baseballs in Biggio's direction. He's hit 7 batters in his 2 year career, but he's never plunked Biggio. Brandon Backe will be starting for the Astros - his first game back since having one of Tommy John's ligaments installed in his arm. (Where does Tommy John get all these ligaments he keeps donating anyway?)

Biggio has been hit only once on September 4th - in 1995 by Mark Portugal.


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