Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Diamondback notes

The Diamondbacks have hit Craig Biggio with a pitch only 7 times, tied with Atlanta for fewest in the National league. Those 7 plunks were dished out by 6 pitchers. Oscar Villareal (DL) and Brandon Webb are the only pitchers still with Arizona of those 6, but they've also picked up Shawn Estes who plunked Biggio twice as a Giant.
Through 2004, the Arizona franchise has hit 392 batters in its history, Randy Johnson accounted for 64 of those. Not including this season, Arizona has only had 87 players pitch for them, so Johnson was 59.5 HBPs above the franchise average for plunks per pitcher. Byung-Hyun Kim is 2nd on the D-backs all time plunker list with 32.


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