Thursday, May 19, 2005

Long Weekend Update

Everything you need to know about this weekends dates and probably starters.

Arizona closes out the series against the Astros with Brad Halsey on the mound. Halsey has never plunked Biggio, but since the two have yet to face each other we could say that Halsey has never thrown a pitch to Biggio that didn't hit him.
Bob Walk served up Biggio's second career plunk on May 19, 1989 at the Astrodome. Also on May 19th, Jeff Brantley hit Biggio in 1993 at Candlestick, and Calvin Maduro hit him in 1997 at the Vet. All of Biggio's May 19th plunks have been in parks no longer in use.

Friday, May 20:
Interleague play begins Friday at Arlington where Kenny Rogers will face the Astros. Rogers has never hit Biggio with a pitch, and but has held him to a .067 batting average in 15 at bats. Biggio has been plunked 14 times in interleague play, 4 times by the Rangers, and once as a designated (get)hitter.
Craig Biggio has been plunked only once on May 20th. In 1998 Trey Moore hit him at Montreal. It was Moore's only hit batter that season.

Saturday, May 21:
Chris Young is Saturday's scheduled starter for Texas. Young has never faced the Astros, and only hit 3 of the 356 batters he has faced so far in his career.
Tim Scott hit Craig Biggio with a pitch on May 21, 1993.

Sunday, May 22:
On Sunday, Texas has Chan Ho Park scheduled to pitch. Park is a 3 time Biggio plunker, having drilled him on April 3, 1996 and twice on Sept. 12, 1997. Park has hit 109 batters in his career, tied for 7th among active pitchers.
Biggio has been hit twice on May 22nd. In 1996 by Alan Benes and 2000 by Steve Woodard.

Also of plunk-related note on Sunday, Pedro Martinez faces the Yankees. It has been suggested that the Yankees might throw at Pedro just because they never got a chance to when he pitched in the American League. I don't see it happening. Pitchers seem to hardly ever throw at each other, and if they do it will be like the time the Mets threw at Clemens after the Piazza incidents - half hearted and poorly aimed.


At 5/21/2005 11:42:00 AM, Anonymous OswaltBabe said...

Just to let you know, I put the URL to your website on one of the Astros Messageboards. Being in Houston, we know about Biggio's Quest.

My feeling is, there are times that Bidge sticks his elbow out...when the game is on the line, in the playoffs, etc. Of course, his stance at the plate facilitates getting hit also. My most memorable "Biggio Hit By Pitch" memory is in 1997 during the Divisional Playoffs against the Braves. I was watching the game from the restaurant at the Astrodome (Lefty's) and Biggio was at the plate. I said "C'mon Bidge, stick that elbow out!" and lo and behold, he got plunked! The guy that was standing next to me just looked at me and said "how did you know???" I was like, "Hey, it's Biggio, what else is he going to do at a time like this??"

Anyways, thanks for doing all the research and the folks at the Messageboard are going to look for Astros game footage for you.


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