Thursday, October 06, 2005

NLDS game 2 - Godzilla vs King Kong

Tonight's NLDS game 2 features the number 1 and 2 pitchers on the all time postseason strikeout list. Smoltz has struck out 189 in the postseason. Clemens has struck out 164. Smoltz has pitched 599 post season innings (1st all time), Clemens has pitched 542 (5th all time). Smoltz has 14 post season wins (1st all time), Clemens has 13 postseason no-decisions (1st all time).
Smoltz hasn't hit Craig Biggio with a pitch since since July 27, 1992, and hasn't hit anyone in an Astros uniform since the 1999 NLDS when he hit Carl Everett (who probably had his toes on the plate). Smoltz has only hit 2 other batters in the post season (Larry Walker and Kent Hrbek), and only 2 other Astros in the regular season in his career (Scott Servais and John Cangelosi). But, since Smoltz has hit 1 of the 98 Astros batters he has faced in the postseason, and only hit 3 of the 1,043 Astros batters he's faced in the regular season, his plunk frequency against the Astros is 3.5 times higher in the postseason (0.0102 plunks per batters faced to 0.00287).



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