Monday, October 03, 2005

The Quest will continue

Craig Biggio's quest for 288 will continue next season after a brief pause for the offseason and another shot at the post season.
Biggio signed a 1 year deal for next season with the Astros, which is welcome news to everyone except National League pitchers hoping to keep runners off first base.
Also, the Astros clinched the wild card yesterday and will begin the NLDS at Atlanta Wednesday. There are plenty of postseason plunk records well within reach, but Atlanta is very stingy about dealing out those HBPs.
The regular season ended with another step up the all-time doubles list for Biggio, having hit his 604th double, passing Cal Ripken to become sole owner of #12 on that all time list. Biggio's 17 season plunks leave him with just 15 to get next season to gain the all time plunk crown and become the first man in 100+ years to be hit by 288 major league pitches.
So, the Plunk Biggio site will be here throughout the playoffs providing important post season plunk related stats, and The Quest will continue next season. It'll be just like fantasy league baseball, except with only one player and one stat that counts.


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