Friday, October 07, 2005

plunks and the postseason winners

Since the beginning of the world series era, teams that have gotten hit by more pitches in a postseason series have won 96 times, while the teams that get hit less than their opponent have only won 62 times. In division series play, the more plunked team has won 18 times to the less plunked team's 13 series wins. In the NLDS, the break down is 7 wins each for the more plunked and less plunked team in each series, but in series that were tied 1-1, it's the less plunked teams that have won 5 times to 1 win by the more plunked team. This can also be interpreted as saying teams that hit more batters in an NLDS that was tied 1-1 are more likely to win. While I would usually encourage the Astros to use getting hit as part of their offense, that strategy has not been historically succesful for teams in their current situation, having been hit twice so far, to the Braves once, and with their series tied 1-1.

Current series plunk totals
Astros 2, Braves 1
Padres 3, Cardinals 0
White Sox 3, Red Sox 0
Yankees 1, Angels 1



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