Friday, July 07, 2006

things you might not have known about July.

  • Craig Biggio has been hit by a pitch more times by left handed pitchers in July than in any other month. 13 of his 56 plunks by lefties have been in July and 29% of his 45 July HBPs have been thrown by left handers. July ranks 3rd in total plunks by month.
  • Biggio has scored more runs after reaching base on a plunk in July than any other month. 22 of his 95 runs scored off plunks have been in July, and he's scored 48% of the times he was plunked in July.
  • 79 of Biggio's 409 stolen bases have been stolen in July, more than in any other month. Also, he has 13 steals in games in July games in which he also got plunked, the most of any month in that category.
  • Biggio has been hit 7 times on Saturdays in July with an odd numbered day of the month, more than in any other month. He's only been hit 6 times on even numbered Saturdays in July.
  • Craig Biggio has had 21 hits in July on the date of a full moon. That is 6 more full moon hits than in any other month, with April and June tied for 2nd at 15 hits each.


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