Monday, October 02, 2006

2006 get-hitting awards

Most Plunkable Player
(most plunks):
American League: Reed Johnson (TOR), 21 HBPs
National League: Rickie Weeks (MIL), 19 HBPs
Johnson's 21 plunks is the lowest total to lead the majors since 1994 when Mike Macfarlane got hit 18 times. Weeks led the NL with 19 plunks despite only playing 95 games due to injury.

Plunked Rookie of the Year (most plunks by a rookie):
American League: Kenji Johjima (SEA), 13 HBPs
National League: Prince Fielder (MIL), 12 HBPs

Sandy Alomar Award(most plate appearance without an HBP):
American League: Brian Roberts (BAL), 628
National League: Brad Hawpe (COL), 571

Most Plunked Team (the plunk pennant):
National League: Philadelphia Phillies, 93
American League: Baltimore Orioles, 73

Least Plunked Team:
National League: San Diego Padres, 40
American League: Texas Rangers, 40

All Plunked Team

National League
C Ryan Doumit (PIT), 11

1B Nick Johnson (WAS), 13

2B Rickie Weeks (MIL), 19

3B Edwin Encarnacion (CIN), 13

SS David Eckstein (STL), 15

OF Aaron Rowand (PHI) 18, Jose Bautista (PIT) 16, Matt Holliday (COL) 15

P Pedro Astacio (WAS), 2

American League
C Kenji Jojhima (SEA), 13

1B Jason Giambi (NYY), 16

2B Mark Loretta (BOS), 11

3B Melvin Mora (BAL), 14

SS Some guy who doesn't need more publicity (NYY) 12

OF Reed Johnson (TOR) 21, Grady Sizemore (CLE) 13, David DeJesus (KC) 12

DH Travis Hafner (CLE) 7

P John Rheinecker (TEX), 1



At 10/02/2006 07:10:00 AM, Anonymous cletus j. "bubba" huckabee jr. said...

I hope all the scallawags out there who failed to put a shirt on for the final game will do their part in the off season and get a couple lined up for wearing in next year's farewell tour for Target. It ain't going to be like some musical group from the 1970s, like Steppenwolf or the Statler Brothers or Kool and the Gang who get back together and do a reunion tour about 20 years after the last hit because they all got youngin's in college and a double mortgage on the house and two car payments and their money is drying up -- so they do the state fair circuit and you can catch them again for the nostalgia factor. It ain't like that with ball players. When they retire, they retire and that is it. With the sole exception of Roger Clemens, when a ball player is gone – he's gone. So next year might could be the last chance for Target to get the six plunkings required to surpass that effeminate feller what spells his name with an "ie" ending. Anyone who cares, get a shirt and get the schedule and start planning to don the apparel on appropriate nights. If enough folks slip in to their shirts and can add to the cosmic veering effect of the trajectory of the pitches tossed by opposing pitchers, then it is conceivable that we could get this while thing wrapped up in the first six game. What the heck, if enough folk get with the program and get in to shirts, we could se six plunkings in the very first game and that would allow us to then concentrate on that secondary goal of 3,000 hits. We need some cooperation because there ain't going to be no barnstorming tour where you folk can see him in the future. The 2007 season might could be it.


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