Monday, October 02, 2006

2006 hitting batters awards

The Phil Knell Award (most plunks):
National League - (tie) Dontrelle Willis (FLA), 19
American League - Vicente Padilla (TEX), 17

The Mitch Williams Award (most plunks by a reliever):
American League - Fernando Rodney (DET), 8
National League - (tie) Danys Baez (ATL), Ryan Vogelsong (PIT), 7

The Gus Weyhig Award (most plunks by a rookie):
National League - Paul Maholm (PIT) 12
American League - Adam Loewen (BAL) 8

The Chick Fraser Award (most batters faced without hitting anyone):
National League - Greg Maddux (Cubs/Dodgers) 862
American League - Bruce Chen (BAL) 453

Most plunks by a team:
National League - Washington Nationals 92
American League - Boston Red Sox 68
The NL took the top 6 spots on the plunking chart, and plunked 1038 batters this season.

Fewest plunks by a team:
American League - Minnesota Twins 36
National League - Los Angelos Dodgers 41

The 2006 Pedro Astacio Award for Outstanding Contribution to Craig Biggio's chase of Hughie Jennings' all time hit-by-pitch record goes to:
Chuck James. Last season, Jason Jennings plunked Biggio 3 times to win this award, but since nobody did it more than once in 2006, the award goes to the most recent plunk... for some reason.



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